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Natural deduction sweeping summer whims footwear fashion MINNETONKA 2012 summer shoes recommended
"natural wind" is the keyword this summer essential, whether it is the natural choice of materials, simple design, or return to the original ecology of the earth, use of color, bring a kind of simple and natural recover the original simplicity. MINNETONKA as an American style trend representative, launched the season most fitting natural shoes, shoes, will be derived from the Indian culture of soft leather concept, sandals in the new interpretation. Whether the use of classic tassels, woven, or neutral leather, with thick bottom slope design, or Indian exotic reproduction, will bring closer to fashion, with Frank nature among you, for you to add a changeable personality natural fresh temperament.

1. Western handsome, classic tassels

fringe is the most classic and representative design element of MINNETONKA brand. It presents different shapes for body and movement, and adds unique rhythm and dynamic to shoes. MINNETONKA's season flat sandals style continues with classic elements of its tassels, designed with three different tassels to give different designs to the laces. The length change, level superposition can change a variety of styles, the color is all-match preferred color collocation clothes do not have brains, on her to meet the sun.

, Marquette, Mal,
, Marquette, Mal
MINNETONKA tassel classic design, followed by its winter and winter boots in the design inspiration, and ankle tassels covered ankle, not only to bring a fine drop of movement, while stretching the calf's beautiful curve. With leather lace, you can easily control the tightness of the comfort, and with beads string to increase the sag of the lace, and the tassel of natural droop contrast, add a lively temperament. Simple foot and ankle and straw broadband elements and design echoes, the perfect interpretation of the summer cool fashion. Collocation worn fringed denim shorts, with a handsome cowboy hat, interpretation of rough mad sexy cowboy style.

Belize Bilizi Bilizi
a number of thin rope like belts crisscross the vamp, and in the simplicity they show a delicate sense of knitting. Small rub tassels on the instep, with dynamic, add a summer playful personality, collocation broadband design can make the ankle looks more slender and soft. Print dress bright, retro wide brimmed sun hat, sunglasses and black, is the best matching single product, interpretation of life in Roman holiday.

Maui Mayer Mayer;
with multi tassel overlapping covering the instep, creating a highly dynamic nature of wave, increase the foot of the stereo feeling, imagine smart look around the tassel effect, is a unique motion. The ankle and instep with.

Famous sports brand Adidas's Retro line Adidas Originals launched in the spring of 2011, new shoes Superstar Vintage 80 's. The launch of the Adidas Originals copy of Superstar 80 's to remain faithful to the retro effect, the sole and the shell head are used beige color, golden Adidas signs printed tongue in single cortical center, is the taste of school old. At present, the new shoes have been on sale.

The four brothers of Ireland, nearly 60 years old

Beijing time on October 30th, in a few days, the 2015 New York marathon will be kicked off, as the world's attention after the Boston marathon, the forthcoming opening of the forty-sixth New York marathon will usher in several special players, that is 35 years ago had participated in the game of the Irish Four brothers.
1980, four photos were on the front page of the media
in 1980, the four brothers of the Quinn family became the focus of heated debate in order to publicize their business and run their horses in the body of the brothers group. 35 years later, nearly 60 years old, they chose to compete again, with the aim of being charitable.

Sean, Blaine, Frank and Mitchell Tyrone from the Irish County town of Pomeroy, in 1980, they are prompted by a sudden impulse to participate in the New York marathon and all successfully finished, became the first group also completed the marathon four brothers. 35 years later, their biggest Frank has more than 60 years of age, the body began to spread, but he is no longer young they are eager to come to the New York marathon, again to challenge yourself.

35 years ago, the New York marathon made Quinn's four brothers famous for the world. It was fun to be a "run - running race". At that time Frank lived near New York, and Sean and Mitchell worked at the fitness center in Manhattan. One night, with the courage to drink, Frank suggested running horses in the way of the Brotherhood to publicize their business. Mitchell and Sean, who were also in a state of drunkenness, were persuaded, and Blaine, who lived in his old home, received a phone call, without any hesitation.
is a cheerful personality, but the four brothers usually run at a distance of no more than a football field length, so the distance of New York marathon 42.195 kilometers is really a formidable challenge. Sean, who once won the second prize of the boxing match, said he was fully prepared and challenged with the "fighting mentality", but after the end of the competition, every bone on his body felt pain. "I asked myself, 'what are I the most? I destroyed myself. Sean said.

at that time, all four brothers of Quinn finished the race before closing time. At the age of 26, Blaine ran the fastest, finished 2 hours and 54 minutes, and the slowest 27 year old Sean spent 4 hours and 23 minutes. After all the end of the end, the local media bombed the pot. "All the news and New York Times in New York reported us. We were interviewed at least three big TV stations." Mitchell recalls. At that time, they saw the evening news on the TV in the bar. They could only choose to laugh. The headline was "Russia invaded Afghanistan", followed by the four brothers in New York to participate in the New York marathon.

but different with the young and strong, and now they are potbellied, really need to spend some.

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